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We Made The Kids Menu- Movie!!!

WE MADE THE KIDS MENU – MOVIE!!! Thanks to all the help from soooo many people! ‘The Kids Menu’ – Movie is a screenplay based on the stageplay both by Richard Vetere. It’s a fun film about Old School Brooklyn vs. New School Brooklyn, clashing in a local pizzeria. What happens when an old school Italian pizzeria owner, played by Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos, Bullets Over Broadway), who is set in his ways, meets a demanding young Mom with new ideas, played by Nyle Lynn (Comedy Central, The Actors Studio), and tensions rise? THE KIDS MENU – Movie . . . think ‘Do The Right Thing’ meets ‘Baby Mama’ written by Richard Vetere & Directed by Paul Borghese, Executive Producer Nyle Lynn, Co-Producers: Maayan Schneider & Michelle F. Hartley, Executive Producers Kelly Karavites & Massiel Hernandez, Associate Producers: Helene Galek & Emily Fortunato, and help from Amelie McKendry, Karen Meurer Bacellar, Teresa Hui, Kerry McGann, and Alicia Priya. We are now in post and will need funds for film festival submissions so please donate here: http://bit.ly/1edCLxv it’s tax deductible. Stay tuned for many Film Festivals soon!

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