Paul Chau – Producer/Director – lifeofanactress.com

It was pleasure working with Amelie on Life of an Actress The Musical Film. She was always prepared, upbeat and able to adjust as needed. That kind of skill set and attitude is contagious on a set so looking forward to working with her again.

Brian Hopson – (writer/co-producer for “The Unemployed”)

I had the pleasure of working with Amelie on a comedic short and she was completely professional and an absolute delight to work with.  She’s an extremely talented actress and she knew how to find the funny in the script and really accentuate it, while at the same time truly making the dialogue her own and adding depth to the character. She brings such enthusiasm and positive energy to a project and i’ll be thrilled to work with her again.

DonnaMarie Vaughan – Producer – Challenge Films

I first worked with Amelie when we served as committee members for the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in 2007. Shortly thereafter, when we were auditioning for actresses for the feature film, Henry’s Future, Amelie auditioned got the role of Cara and we knew immediately she had aced the role. She truly understood the person of the character. On set, as with the committee, Amelie was always dependable and hardworking. Whether it’s an assignment or an acting role, Amelie brings a level-headed and determined will to see her work/role completed. In filming there are often delays, problems and not once did Amelie ever complain. She is a true professional.

Maayan Schneider – The Kids Menu Associate Producer – Co-Producer – Actress

Amelie McKendry is one of the most professional, smart and dependable people I have had the pleasure of working with in the Industry. As an Associate Producer on THE KIDS MENU, our short film, Amelie proved herself an incomparable team member and problem-solver, quickly and cheerfully volunteering solutions to the many varied issues that came up during pre-,post-, and actual production time. She is the kind of person you want with you when you are racing against the clock to make your dream project become a reality.

A natural people-person, Amelie worked hard to make everyone on set feel comfortable and taken care of, which of course she did with her usual ease of manner and warm demeanor (and her down-home sense of humor doesn’t hurt, either!)
I would recommend Amelie to any project considering her talent, and look forward to the next time we work together again.

Ricardo Catalan Jr – Producer, Writer and Director – NYC Rooftop Story

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Amelie McKendry as an actress in my award-winning movie, “NYC Rooftop Story” (www.nycrooftopstory.com). Not only did she performed exceptionally well as a consummate actress but she helped promote the movie as my associate producer as well.

Amelie, a very talented artist, has embodied the utmost commitment to her art. Doing two character roles in NYC Rooftop Story is not only a remarkable feat in itself but a pure testament for her love of acting.
Ms. Mckendry is a rarity in her chosen field of acting. A marvelous combination of talent, beauty, enthusiasm, organizational skills, public relations and a constant searcher of acting perfection.

Peter McGennis – Bubble Girl, Queen City

Amelie is among a handful of actors who I always cast. Not only is she versatile, funny and expressive but she immediately brings a positive & giving vibe on set. Inside and out, Amelie has got it all.

Michael O’hear – Dry Bones Director/Actor

Amelie and I performed together on “Dry Bones” and I found her a pleasure to work with. She is on time, always does her homework and works hard on the scene at hand. She is professional and very positive.  I hope to work with her again in the future.

Michael J. Kawa – Writer/PR

A true professional with a tireless work ethic and vibrant personality to match, Amelie is a versatile actress who is equally at home in both dramatic or comedic roles – consistently creating memorable characters that shine and come to life. She persistantly tries to go beyond her comfort zone and hone her skills – never resting on laurels. Her passion to succeed and dedication to her craft is an inspiration to her peers and fans alike. As her career continues to grow, expect nothing but the best because that’s exactly what she delivers!

“The film is littered throughout with some fine offbeat supporting performances including Amelie Mckendry in two comedic roles – one as a Ella the sex charged fashion reporter and as Nikki the Nightbird, the bizarre transgender streetwalker who gives Misha a surreal sendoff Fellini would be proud of.” excerpt NYC Rooftop Story BNFF Film Review, Michael J. Kawa BNFF Staff 

Frank Rossi – OWNER – Frank Rossi Acting Studios

I have taught Amelie Mckendry advanced scene study (Method/Meisner), Comedy Improv, Commercial Copy and On-Camera Film Technique for the past 7 years. During that time I have seen her work very diligently at improving her acting skills to a point now where she feels very comfortable going in for lead roles in Stage/Film & TV. Amelie is a tireless actress who is constantly sharpening her acting tools, and the results are a strong testimony to her strong work ethic.

She has also studied privately with me, bringing me dozens of audition for Film and Television. She takes direction well, understands advanced techniques, and always comes in well-prepared. I wish her continued success with her passion and dedication to our profession.

Jason Masek – Producer/Writer/Actor – Lazer Town
Waterwell Pictures

“There’s one intangible that I appreciate the most.  It’s her disposition.  That’s why I’ll work with Amelie every chance I get.  She genuinely enjoys the creative process.  She brings experience as an actress, yet provides a youthful exuberance that makes her someone you want to work with.

Here’s an example.  I needed to cast a short film.  I had a small part that required her specific look.  She was there for me in a heartbeat.  She doesn’t even live in the same state.  She wanted to help me personally and professionally.  She does it because she loves it.  Now that I think about it, it’s not intangible at all.  You can see and feel the positive attitude she brings, and it’s contagious.

If you work with Amelie McKendry, you’ll be better for it.”